It takes you home!

It takes you home
There where the rain always falls on your garden to feed flowers
Where your smile greets the colors of your heart
The key always let you in your own thought
The place where your own music will be heard
And the dance will not be difficult

It takes you home
There where your friends know you as the best
Your table is prepared to eat with them you love
The subject goes from far to nearby
Never shame will be the problem
Laugh and tear will be side by side

It takes you home
Where the first love will be
Or the second, third or fourth…
Once it will be the love of your life
Then the count stops
And will marriage give the future

It takes you home
Where history will be written
Future will be made
The real you will grow
You will be the king
And everything will warmup around you

It takes you home
Where you can say hello
I love you
Kiss or hug
Help eachother

It takes you home
That ’s the place where your common sense take you to
Where you can charge your thoughts and body
Where you can sleep and wake-up
Time will be go further and further
And once in your life stops…

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